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Revolutionize your recruitment process, reduce recruitment workload, and leverage advanced context-aware analysis to match candidates seamlessly to your company's culture, and job needs.

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Review applicants in
record time

Reduce recruitment workload and unlock the ability to analyze hundreds of candidates in minutes


Deliver clarity to critical
workforce decisions 

Enhance the quality of candidate selection, leading to better hires and higher retention rates


Ensure diverse & unbiased 
hiring while recruiting at scale 

Novia delivers consistent and fair screening results at any scale, allowing you to make accurate unbiased hiring decisions

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/ See beyond resumes and into potential from Initial application

Our platform goes beyond traditional keyword matching by incorporating AI & ML powered contextual analysis, based on knowledge form occupational psychology experts, ensuring that candidates are precisely matched to your company's unique culture, team dynamics, and job requirements.

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Save countless hours for Hiring Managers and HR department

“When screening hundreds of candidates for an open position, the quantity vs. quality equation frequently gets compromised - no matter how professional and experienced you are”

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Galit Rubinstein

Organizational Psychologist & VP HR, Model9

“Novia can successfully screen at scale while delivering a deep and comprehensive analysis at a click - enabling your HR and professional teams to work quickly and accurately - not missing potential candidates in the process”

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Galit Rubinstein

Organizational Psychologist & VP HR, Model9

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/ AI powered by knowledge
 from millions of data points

Multi-Channel Validation

Decomposing skills into signals—our unique method deconstructs and reconstructs these components for the most effective empirical match.

Seemless ATS Integrations

Import hundreds of candidates from all ATS systems in seconds for instant analysis.

Social Intelligence

Analysing data from multiple sources across the web.

/ Why us?

Role Context Aware Analysis

Our system evaluates candidates against company culture and dynamically adapts, ensuring an unprecedented, tailored fit.

ATI Technology

Our unique collection of ML algorithms and LLMs extracts thousands of signals from the company context and candidate information, continuously breaking down and reconstructing the fit of candidates to a job. This process involves comparing all candidates to each other and to the role itself.

Organizational Psychology Experts

The analysis process all candidates undergo is based on proven organizational psychology methods and processes, ensuring each candidate receives the most thorough and fair analysis so no one is overlooked.

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